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The investigation and cooperation in China's agricultural hi...
3-Day Quanzhou Cultural Heritage Tour (5-Star, Private)
4-Day Inner Mongolia Adventure Tour (4-Star, Private)
3-Day Classic Guilin & Yangshuo (4-Star, Private)
Three Gorges Cruise: Chongqing-Yichang 4-Day Tour
3-Day Mutianyu Great Wall & Forbidden City Tour (Group, with...
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2-Day Xi'an Cit...

3-Day Huang Sha...

2-Day Hong Kong...

3-Day Panoramic...

Erhai Lake, Dal...

2-Day Chengdu Q...

Chinese Culture
    Chinese culture, also called Huaxia culture, Chinese civilization, namely the han culture. It is spread vast region in a very long time. It is also known as han culture according to the cultural circle concept. Chinese culture not only have had a profound impact in South Korea, Japan, as well as southeast Asia, South Asia countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and other regions. Zheng he led seven maritime expeditions to the western seas is to deepen the impact. Therefore the chinese culture as the core of East Asian culture circle have been recognized by the world. With China's national strength is going to be powerful and prosperous and the improvement of China's international status, countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, some countries have given a high degree of recognition and attention to the Chinese culture.
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Q: What are the benefits of the China tourism?
Answer: Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world. China's economic (GDP) has maintained a double-digit growth for five consecutive years. It has created unprecedented conditions for the development of the tourism industry in China, especially tourism development.
Q: I am a supplier, why do you want us to join AILISUN?
Answer: AILISUN has scientific and reasonable cooperation admittance system, we must make sure that every supplier have the benefit maximization after joining AILISUN sales system.
About the cooperative suppliers, our support will be find in the following:
Customer resource distribution, formation of special products boutique and the rich product promotions will be created a variety of sales model for you. The trading systerm will be very convenient and safe for using.

Smooth payment, single regiment can be single to pay. That will be maximum to avoid risk.

National chain network will bring about the support of the huge passenger flow volume.
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